San Fermín 2009

Fondo de escritorio

The bulls of Kukuxumuxu arrive to your desktop


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Like every summer, July 7th is a sign of the unmistakeable San Fermín, one of the most famous festivals in the world. July 6th is a day to take a big ol' shot and start the "fiesta".

Throughout the week there is the daily lockup followed by when the bulls trample onwards, running and chasing the people that are on their way to the bull ring.

The guys from kukuxumuxu have captured, in their own unique way, the San Fermín's running of the bulls, where the runners are sheep (tied up with a red handkerchief, of course) and persued by 6 bulls.

If you like the "fiesta" and you want to decorate your screen in honor of the event, this San Fermín background will suit you well.
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